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The mission of St. James Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences is to provide opportunities for nurses who are leaders, or are potential leaders, and to engage them in academic and research activities that enable them to transfer evidence-based knowledge and skills. This process is sure to lead to high quality of nursing care in a clinical and communal setting in the country.


The vision of St. James Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences is to be recognized as an excellent collaborating centre for nursing education and research in Pakistan, specifically in Sindh. It brings together regional, national, socioeconomic, cultural and religious perspectives to global health issues and challenges in the promotion, development and enhancement of the nursing profession in Pakistan.


No one is more respected in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another. The purpose of life is not to be happy and wealthy but to be productive and useful in making a difference to others.

Significant Features of Our Beliefs Regarding Nursing:

Nursing is a dignified profession, which incorporates biological and social sciences along with spiritualism to provide necessary service to all people regardless of gender, religion and socioeconomic status.

Nursing requires evidence-based knowledge, expert training, hard work, commitment, perseverance and determination. It is committed to promoting and maintaining the integrity of individuals, preventing illnesses and helping individuals to attain the highest level of their health.

Health is the basic right of each individual and nursing is a key element in providing a holistic approach towards supporting individuals to preserve and promote health.

Learning is a life-long process in which knowledge is gained in an atmosphere of support and guidance, and in the availability of necessary resources.

The faculty is committed to inculcating knowledge and skills in the students, so as to facilitate them in developing the expertise of problem-solving and critical thinking, and to enhance their professional growth and development.


  1. Loyalty and commitment to the nursing profession and organization.

  2. Mutual respect for each other and recipients of the health care industry

  3. Consistent quality service and practice

  4. Excellence in nursing education and research


To produce highly skilled and qualified graduate nurses by offering BSc Nursing program.

To improve quality of nursing Care and decrease acute shortage of qualified and skilled nurses.

To develop human resources for teaching and clinical faculty.

To enhance standard of nursing education in the country.

To promote research in the field in collaboration with nursing colleges, National and International universities as well as research Institution related to Health and Health Sciences .

To enhance awareness about related modern education and technology.

To produce nurses who will be able to integrate evidence-based science into clinical practice for the care of individual, families and communities .

To produce confident nurses who shall be capable of providing preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health care to populations in rural and urban settings .