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Nursing is emerging as a dignified profession and unique discipline of science and art, which not only provides a direction in prevention of diseases and promotion of health but also endows research, critical thinking and evidence-based knowledge. New trends and challenges in the nursing profession surface due to transition in the socio-economic and cultural aspect of life. Swift development in technology and communication system has changed the world into a global village. Nursing profession needs a new dimension and vision keep abreast with the changes in the society, the establishment of St. James Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences is a

progress in this direction. Your education at this institute will prepare you to think critically, make clinical judgments and decisions on the basis of evidence consistence with the best practice in nursing and health care in the 21st century. With your credential, you will be in great demand regionally and internationally but never more so than in your home country, Pakistan. There is not only a need for more nurses to provide direct patient care in a variety of settings; there is also a need for qualified, experienced nurses, nurse educator, nurse administrators and clinical specialists in our country. I am confident that St. James (IONHS) will provide a nurturing environment, quality education and unlimited opportunities to equip you with knowledge, skill, professional attitude and leadership qualities to take the responsibilities of tomorrow.

I welcome you, and wish you a very successful future!

Hakim Shah


Faculty and Coordinator of Post RN BScN