Global Day of Cultural Heritage

Mental Health Day Celebration
November 13, 2023
Entry test exam
January 25, 2024

Global Day of Cultural Heritage

Purpose of Celebration
The main purpose of this day is to promote awareness of the value of maintaining cultural heritage places and memorials. The day serves as a reminder of the impor

tance of cultural heritage and the necessity to safeguard it from damage or destruction caused by disasters, human activity, or modernization.

Program Outline:
 Begin with the Name of Allah, which is hosted by Ms. Sana. Following that, Ms.Rubina Hafeez welcomed speech all and gave brief description of world Heritage day.

 Later on 12 students from a different programs gave poster presentations.
 After that prize & Certificate distribution ceremony held was held.
 Then the director Sir James, Principal Ms Rubina Hafeez and the Guests & few Faculty members gave their appreciation Comments.
 Overall program was very effective and Students also enjoyed and found useful.

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