About St. James Institute of Nursing


The Experience, sprit, confidence, societal need and dynamic leadership at St. James School of Nursing led to the establishment of Institute of Nursing and Health Science in 2008 Thus Post RN BScN program came into existence.


The St. James School of Nursing was established in 2005 to offer a three-year general nursing diploma program Based on its stellar performance as an organization providing excellent nursing education, the school was soon upgraded to the degree level. This led to the formation at St. James Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences, established adjacent to the School, to provide evening degree classes in nursing.

St. James institute of Nursing and Health Sciences started in August 2008 as an institute which would be responsible tar providing standard professional education and training in the feild of nursing and health care. it has some salient features which make it one of the best organizations in the country A team of well qualified and experienced faculty members is available to teach the students, The faculty provides them guidance in their professional and personal growth in the classroom and supervises them in clinical and scholarly activities. St. James Institute at Nursing and health Sciences is well-equipped with teaming resources and an environment that facilitates Learning.

The purpose of this institute is to prepare experienced and highly qualified registered nurses to undertake administrative and educational responsibilities in health services and provide leadership in nursing. The establishment of this Institute has filled a crustal gap in the need of standard institutes tor nursing education in Pakistan, St. James Institute at Nursing and Health Sciences provides quality nursing education which meets national regional and international standards

The Institute has been contributing and rendering servicesforthefollawing:

Community based rehabilitation and primary health care centre named

“Dar-ur-Rahrnat" (Dun) and "Bait-ul-‘raaassum welfare Organization"

Recognized from Pakistan Nursing Council